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Reality Carpet helps select trim for laminate flooring

Molding and trim add visual appeal to laminate flooring. They also have an important function in the installation process. Finishing pieces cover spaces that allow laminate floors to move and expand naturally above the subfloor. They provide smooth bridge transitions to adjacent floors having the same or different materials.

Molding and trim usually match the laminate floor. A contrasting color can also be selected as a design accent. Finishing touches for laminate flooring come in the natural look of ceramic, stone, or wood.

Standard laminate floor molding and trim options include t-molding, multi-purpose reducer, flush stair nose, overlap step nose, baby threshold, and quarter round molding.

T-molding on laminate

When laminate flooring continues through a passageway or doorway, t-molding serves as a transitional finish between two laminate flooring pieces.

Multi-purpose reducer on laminate

This molding has a slight slope that provides the transition to be smooth from laminate to some other type of flooring, such as carpet or vinyl. It completes the space where the laminate ends against a surface that is not along the wall.
Modern laminate flooring in Wading River, NY from Reality Carpet

Flush stair nose on laminate

This molding forms a level surface when connected to laminate boards. It is used on landings, step downs, and stairs to create an edge that is attractive and protects against foot traffic impact.

Overlap step nose on laminate

This molding is similar in function as flush stair nose. It has a profile that is slightly raised. It is used where a landing or step down meets the flooring.

Baby threshold on laminate

When laminate meets another type of flooring such as carpet, baby threshold is a versatile trim that bridges the slight difference in height. It is also used for fireplaces, door thresholds, along wall bases, and sliding glass doors.

Quarter round molding on laminate

The most often used trim that finishes the spaces where baseboards or walls meet laminate flooring, is quarter round molding.

Reality Carpet customers from Mt. Sinai, Riverhead, Port Jefferson, Miller Place, Wading River, Ridge, and Rocky Point, may not have considered a trim choice when selecting laminate flooring. Reality Carpet carries the laminate and trims that combine to make a beautiful floor.

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