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Have you considered waterproof flooring?

There are some facts you simply can’t argue with and the fact that waterproof flooring and WPC (wood plastic composite) flooring can be a homeowner's best friend is one of them. Not only are they stunning and gorgeous to look at, but they function at such a level you might wonder how you could do without them in the first place. These floors don’t just protect you from the water damage associated with a water emergency; they also fight stains, scuffs, scars, and fading, for an all-around perfect flooring covering for just about every home. While not every homeowner considers this product line, we suggest you take a closer look.

Reality Carpet opened in 1993 and since that time, we have dedicated ourselves to perfection in customer service and flooring installation. With a reputation for honesty and integrity, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting when you visit our showroom in Rocky Point, NY. We believe in telling you exactly what you’re going to get with the floor covering you choose so that you’re more apt to walk away with exactly what you need. We currently serve the areas of Rocky Point, Ridge, Wading River, Miller Place, Port Jefferson, Riverhead, and Mt. Sinai, and we look forward to serving you as well. Be sure to stop in for a visit when you’re in the area and speak to one of our experienced flooring professionals today.

Waterproof flooring is easy to love

Waterproof flooring isn’t simply a single floor covering, it’s an entire product line featuring materials from a variety of different lines. Because of this, you’re going to get vastly different characteristics from one to another, even though they all work to protect you from the damage that comes with a water-related situation. Some include functionality for added appearance options and decor matching, while others offer a longer lifespan and better overall durability. Chances are, one will be more appealing to you than all the others will.

If you’ve ever had concerns about a water-related situation in your home, whether it was leaks, spills, appliance malfunction, or storm damage, then you’re a perfect candidate for waterproof flooring. You’ll get everything you want and need with the added benefit of complete peace of mind. No more wondering if you’ll have to replace your floors before their time because you’ll already know you’re protected.

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